• Frangelico 750ml
  • Frangelico 750ml

    Hazelnut Liqueur

    Pairs well with:

    Aperitif, Mixer
    • May


    • CHAMPAGNE, Sparkling Wine + GSM's

      YES, it's about time we poured CHAMPAGNE again along with some great SPARKLERS for the hot summer days which are clearly upon us. AND I'm going for pour some GSM's as well. It's TUESDAY, It's hot, and we're pouring great bubblies as well as other wines. I REQUEST YOUR ATTENDANCE. ~David~

    • May


    • $ POURS & MORE - Cabernet Around the WORLD.

      It's a big world we live in. Cabernet is grown through out and tonight we here at the Vendome Wine Bar are going to push the boundries and see Cabernet in a different light. Be ready to find a new crop of favorites tonight.


    • May


    • Double Header - BEER & The wines of ITALY

      Beer and the wines of Italy - It's a big night at the bar tonight. When you say great wines from Italy you’re in rare country and then you open a new release beer and you’re in for a great evening.

    • Dec


    • Gift Basket Flip Book

      Ho Ho Ho! Our 2016 Gift Baskets are ready to order and we've created a flipbook to make your hol…

    • May


    • Know Your Palate

      Many people take for granted enjoying a bottle of their favorite wine with friends. Being able to de…

    • Apr


    • Selectivity is a must

      Once again the wine press is hailing the arrival of another in the long list of great vintage wines.…

    • Belgian Abbey Ales

      Brewed by monks in, you guessed it, abbeys, sometimes for profit (Chimay, Rochefort, Westmalle, Orval, Achel), but other time…

    • Belgium Ales

      Much like Germany’s lager brewing tradition, Belgium has centuries old history steeped in brewing. From light and flavo…

    • Ales

      The most diverse category of beer, if you have a craving for a particular flavor profile you can be guaranteed to find an ale…