• Amaretto Lazzaroni 750ml
  • Amaretto Lazzaroni 750ml

    Liqueur made by infusion of Amaretti Del Chiostro Di Saonna Cookies

    Pairs well with:

    Aperitif, Mixer
    • Mar


    • FRENCH Pinot & CA Pinot

      Pinot, Pinot, PINOT - tonight we taste what both the NEW WORLD and the OLD WORLD have to offer. It's not one against the other; they stand by themselves as separate entities. YOU should come taste them, it will be delicious. A special bonus - its POKER CHIP NIGHT! What is that you ask? When (and IF) you taste through the ENTIRE Pinot flight, you will be given a poker chip that entitles you to one pour of ANY WINE open on the following Tuesday's wine list, or any Tuesday thereafter - another reason to join the Tuesday Night Wine Club. Not a member yet? Ask me how to become one when you show up.  ~David~

    • Mar


    • $1 POURS - Southern Hemisphere

      We are going below the equator tonight and no that does not mean we are boarding a plane. We are going to open wines from one of the most productive wine regions operating today. There are bargains galore below the border. Those South American treats keep pouring in and let’s not forget about all the lovely wines coming in from New Zealand and Australia. Its dollar pour night there is no reason for your glass to be empty at the Vendome Wine Bar tonight.

    • Mar


    • ITALY

      When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie it can only mean two  things, one, you’re in a Three Stooges movie or, two, your drinking the gift of the gods from Italy. It will be the later tonight as we’re going to the home of fine food and great wine. It will be a night to remember as we break out some of those Italian lovelies tonight! It will be special selection of whites.

    • Dec


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    • May


    • Know Your Palate

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