• 2010 Sedara Donnafugata
  • 2010 Sedara Donnafugata

    A lively red that excites the palate with bright fruit and a pleasing  finish. A hit at any BBQ or with pasta with meat sauces.

    Italy, Silicy, Nero d'Avola, Red Wine

    Pairs well with:

    Barbecue, Baked Pasta, Red Meat, Roasted Tuna.
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    • San Simeon Wines with Special Guest


      San Simeon is an award-winning wine brand from The Riboli Family. Their mission is to handcraft every bottle of San Simeon wine to reveal its Central Coast origins The family has made a steadfast commitment to producing the highest quality grapes from estate vineyards in the prestigious regions of Monterey and Paso Robles. The vineyards are meticulously farmed to yield grapes with concentrated flavors and aromas, giving San Simeon its most astounding qualities and characteristics. The San Simeon collection offers Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Viognier wines. 4th generation family winemaker Anthony Riboli and the rest of The Riboli Family pays special attention to the production of San Simeon to ensure consumers can taste and enjoy the fruits of the family’s passion in the complexity of the wines.

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    • WINE & VINYL - David's FAVES Around the World


      WOW, it's been quite a while since we've spun vinyl at the wine bar, so let's make it EPIC.


      We've got DJ R-Rated in the house, spinning it up two at a time!  Bring in your favorite records and get ready to spin em up.  I'll be pouring some fantastic wines from some of my favorite regions aroundthe world!!



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